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Psychiatric Evaluation

The first step in working together includes a comprehensive assessment where we will discuss your past and present psychosocial, psychiatric and medical history, as well as your goals for treatment. We will go over symptoms such as feeling down, hard to get out of bed, feeling tired, overwhelmed, having racing thoughts, feeling anxious, etc. 

After the assessment, we will create an individualized and evidence-based treatment plan that may include therapeutic strategies, medication recommendations, or lifestyle changes. When treatment begins, the most important thing for me is to get to know you. I want you to feel comfortable working with me in a collaborative way where we make decisions together.

Medication Management

Medication management includes the monitoring and prescribing of psychotropic medications which are utilized to help clients achieve improvement with distressing symptoms related to various mental health disorders. Medications are sometimes used to support other strategies such as therapy or to provide faster relief of distressing symptoms, with the goal of discontinuing medications once clients have established healthier coping skills and made appropriate lifestyle changes. In addition to medication, we also may incorporate diet, sleep, or exercise recommendations, in addition to encouraging alternative approaches such as meditation and mindfulness.

Whether you are currently on psychiatric medication, have recently started on it, or want to taper off medication, we will work together to create a thorough and individualized treatment plan for you to feel better and be your best self.

Telehealth Services

The fast-paced world that we are living in is often filled with environmental, economic, and emotional stressors that make it difficult to prioritize one's mental healthcare. Telepsychiatry is an effective solution for many people who have such hectic lifestyles that traditional on-site mental health care appears to be an unachievable privilege.

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